Project Introduction

Place by Pinnacle partnered with housing funder QSH and house builder Wates Living Space Homes, to provide affordable “rent-to-buy” housing units in East Renfrewshire, Scotland. The 20-year partnership provides leting, management and maintenance for the 42 new build affordable units, as part of the £4.2 million scheme. The scheme includes 42 two-bedroom units and offers tenants an affordable way to buy a contemporary, high-quality, new-build home.

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Our Role

One of the significant challenges faced by Place by Pinnacle was to ensure that the affordable “rent-to-buy” scheme was accessible to eligible individuals. The company had to ensure that the eligibility criteria were clear and easily understood by potential tenants.

Another challenge was to provide a high-quality living experience for tenants, while still keeping the costs affordable. Place by Pinnacle had to work closely with Wates Living Space Homes to ensure that the units were built to a high standard, with a rent guarantee.

The scheme has been successful in providing affordable housing solutions to eligible individuals. Place by Pinnacle has received positive feedback from tenants who have appreciated the high-quality units and the opportunity to save for the future. The scheme has also helped to address the housing shortage in East Renfrewshire, Scotland, and provide more people with access to affordable homes.